• Baykon BX10 Weighing Indicator is a state-of-the-art process indicator designed for industrial weighing applications. It has a standard RS-232C serial port and 2 Digital IO ports which are programmable as either an input or output.
  • Baykon BX11 Weighing Indicator is premium quality and state of the art indicator for industrial weighing process applications. This compact and powerful indicator offers incredible PLC integration and includes serial ports (RS232C and RS485) and 4 digital inputs and 5 digital outputs as standard.
  • Baykon BX13 Weighing Indicator is an approved (R61 and R76) professional filling controller for any type of liquid, bulk or granule. The BX 13 is OIML approved for Automatic Gravimetric Filling and has 4 filling modes for open container filling and 2 modes for packing/bagging.
  • Baykon BX18 Indicator is a DIN rail mounted indicator ideal for installation inside cabinets in dusty/harsh environments. Baykon BX18 Indicator includes RS-232C, RS-485, Analogue Output (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V and 0-10V), 4 Digital Inputs, 6 x Digital Outputs and Modbus RTU Fieldbus as standard.
  • Baykon BX21S Digital Weight Indicator is low cost, high-quality general purpose weighing indicator in stainless steel housing. The instrument is approved by Weights & Measures Authorities for use in Accuracy Class III applications with intervals according to OIML R76. Weighing, Counting, Classifying and Dynamic Weighing for animals are standard operation modes.
  • Baykon BX24 Weight Indicator is an accurate, reliable and easy to setup indicator that covers all bases. This ultimate weight display has multiple operational modes, a robust IP67 stainless steel housing and is an affordable price. 
  • Baykon BX25 Weight Indicator is a highly accurate multifunctional weighing terminal that is used in wet, hygienic and harsh industrial areas. This can be connected to 2 weighing platforms and it has a total scale. Baykon BX25 Weight Indicator can be programmable for weighing, labelling, checkweighing, classifying, filling, piece counting and dynamic weighing applications.
  • Baykon BX27 Digital Weight Indicator designed for industrial weighing applications to provide long-distance reading such as crane operators working with scale or as an outdoor big display for weighbridges bridges
  • Baykon BX30 Weighing Indicator is a high quality, low cost, panel mount weight indicator that offers high accuracy weighing performance with powerful connectivity options for all types of weighing and process control applications. With its IP67 stainless steel front panel, the BX30 provides reliable and safe operation in wet, hygienic and harsh industrial environments.
  • Baykon BX30-FILL Weighing Indicators is a high tech, intelligent and economical Filling and Packaging Controller that is specifically designed to integrate with various types of filling machines. It's configurable recipe building, multiple filling functions and smart filling algorithms make it a powerful solution for all filling applications.
  • Baykon BX30-PLUS Weighing Indicators is a highly accurate, multi-functional weighing terminal with an IP67 stainless steel front face making it ideal for use in wet, hygienic and harsh industrial environments. Ideal for whenever you need weighing and control in any process application, the BX30 PLUS is the go-to weighing terminal for fast, reliable and accurate weight data.


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