Save time and money with a preventative maintenance plan

Bespoke programme of calibrations and servicing

Emergency on and off-site breakdown support

Discounts on repairs, hire and new equipment

Complimentary loan machine during repairs

Year-round weighing support for complete peace of mind with a preventative maintenance plan

Sourcing weighing services for immediate and reactive weighing requirements can be time-consuming and costly. If your weighing processes are critical to your operations, a preventative maintenance plan will give you peace of mind that weighing support is readily available for routine maintenance, machine malfunction, and associated weighing requirements.

Features and benefits

Designed to give you year-round access to weighing support, our tiered plans include a comprehensive range of services that optimise the performance of your equipment and minimise downtime caused by weighing challenges.

1Subject to support tier 2Inclusive of basic user training.

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Equipment failure: Proactive measures to prevent disruptive downtime

A study by Vanson Bourne found that 70% of businesses were not aware of when their equipment was due for maintenance, an upgrade, or replacement. Furthermore, 82% of those companies suffered at least one incident of unexpected downtime resulting in the inability to deliver services to customers, loss of production time, and business. With the risk of such damaging outcomes, we will look at preventative measures to help you safeguard your weighing equipment and your organisation.

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Practical tips to prevent weighing downtime

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What role do calibrations play in helping you achieve measurement confidence and avoid the detrimental impact of inaccuracies?  We put some FAQs to Mike Glew, Quality Manager at Northern Balance for his perspective on how data obtained from calibration tests help to identify risks and safeguard your critical weighing processes.

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Traceable and UKAS calibrations – how do I choose the right option?

When requesting a calibration service, you may be offered a traceable or UKAS calibration, but which is the right option for your needs?  There are fundamental differences that could impact on compliance and successful trading if an unsuitable calibration is performed.  We highlight the key features of traceable and UKAS to help you choose the right calibration option for your operations.

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Factors for determining calibration frequencies

If you work to ISO 9001: 2015 and/ or ISO 17025:2017 standards, it’s imperative that you establish a calibration programme that ensures the validity of the results given by your weighing equipment.  While ISO standards outline the need for calibrations, no prescribed guidance is provided to determine calibration frequency.  To safeguard the accuracy of your equipment, we look at key considerations to help you define the best frequency for your process, equipment and application.

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