Versatile and used across a broad range of industrial and commercial environments, bench scales are designed to fit on tables and workstations.

The majority of bench scales have multiple operational functions for dynamic use. These include (but aren’t limited to) weighing, parts counting, percentage weighing, check weighing and dynamic/animal weighing – but each model is different.

  • A&D EM Budget Platform Scales are entry-level scales that feature A&D’s novel ‘chopstick’ design of platform construction keeping both weight and cost to a minimum without sacrificing the robustness demanded of scales weighing up to 150Kg. A standard rechargeable battery and RS232 interface mean A&D EM Budget Platform Scales tick’s all of the essential boxes for a basic platform scale.
  • A&D FG Modular Bench Scales combine fast response time and rock-solid durability in an easy to use package. Three user-selectable display readings let you choose the resolution needed for the job. Additional weighing modes include parts counting and HI/OK/LOW comparator function for checkweighing.
  • A&D FS-i Check Weighing Bench Scales feature large, bright comparator lights, stainless steel construction, and three user-selectable resolution levels. These durable scales are ideal for food processing and checkweighing applications. The scales have a 100 product memory to hold target weights and limits and also offer the user options including internal rechargeable battery, RS232, 422/485 interface as well as comparator output option.
  • A&D GX-K / GF-K Bench Scales have SHS technology combines the best of magnetic force restoration and single point parallelogram load sensing technologies. To offer the use minimum maintenance costs, if the SHS needs repair, you only need to replace one of three parts so there is no need to replace the whole sensor.
  • A&D SC/SE Bench Scales feature a premium resistance to hostile environments. The SC/EC is equipped with a completely sealed indicator, achieving a submersible level of water tightness, whilst providing high accessibility and excellent weighing performance.
  • A&D SJ-HS Compact Bench Scales are ideal for general weighing in most every industry and ideal for food portioning use. With a durable molded plastic construction, a large removable stainless steel pan these scales are easy to keep clean. 800 hour battery life (4 D-cell batteries) minimizes the need for the optional AC adapter in many applications. OIML-EC approved models available for trade applications.
  • A&D SW Washdown Bench Scales are designed to withstand high pressure, high-temperature cleaning. It is ideal for food processing applications and extremely damp locations where cleanliness and sanitation are critical.
  • A&D HL-WP Stainless Steel Bench Scales are a fully stainless steel top loading balance suitable for harsh environments and ideally suited for food preparation. The HL-WP Series capacities range from 300g to 3000g with increments of 0.1g, 0.5g and 1g.
  • A&D SK-WP Stainless Steel Waterproof Scales are ideal for benchtops and are approved for trade use. The SK-WP Series available capacities range from 1kg to 30kg, with increments from 0.5g to 10g.
  • Ideal for industrial weighing and counting, Adam Equipment AGB and AGF Bench and Floor Scales feature sturdy construction and a rugged stainless steel indicator. The scales are available in a choice of platform sizes and a wide selection of capacities.
  • Adam Equipment Astro® Compact Scales are designed to be durable enough to withstand the demands of a variety of food environments - from small café kitchens to large restaurant chains, from mid-sized catering companies to internationally known fast-food franchises.
    • 8000g capacity
    • 1g readability
    • 180 x 160mm pan size
  • Simple to operate and versatile, Adam Equipment CPWplus Bench and Floor Scale range includes bench scales, platform scales and wheeled scales. Models offer durable construction and are available in a selection of stainless steel platform sizes.
  • Ideal for shipping and receiving, warehouse use, and production facilities, Adam Equipment Cruiser Bench Counting Scales offer intelligent functions that are practical for any counting application. With Adam Equipment Cruiser Bench Counting Scales, it's easy to check the number of pieces in a carton or container, helping reduce waste when filling orders or packaging shipments.
  • Adam Equipment GBC Bench Counting Scale is a fully-featured counting scale with a numeric keypad for unit weight and sample entry. The large backlit display shows unit weight, total weight and number of pieces. A grade 304 stainless steel top pan with a mild steel base and pillar-mounted ABS plastic indicator make Adam Equipment GBC Bench Counting Scales a durable industrial floor counting scale.
  • Adam Equipment Latitude Compact Bench Scales deliver an excellent value for weighing, checkweighing, percentage weighing, and counting. With easy operation, Latitude is ideal for production, warehouse, or field use, as it is powered by the included AC adapter or internal rechargeable battery.
  • The VWSPS is premium quality and fully stainless steel waterproof bench scale. It is ideal in wet, harsh and hygienic environments. The VWSPS is impressive with its laser cut precision of it's 5mm thick base plates to its attractive modern curved design.
  • BAYKON BCS21 Bench Scales are a series that are low cost, but, high quality and accurate OIML approved industrial scales. With their stainless steel construction, they can be used in all kinds of industrial areas up to wet and hygienic environments.
  • Baykon BCW Checkweigher is an affordable, accurate, reliable checkweigher that is extremely easy to use. It can be used in negative or positive checkweighing mode meaning portion control weighing can be done by adding product on the scale or by removing the product from a bulk container.
  • Ohaus Catapult 1000 Scales bench scales are ideal for general shipping applications, veterinary weighing, and other dry weighing applications
  • The low-profile Catapult 5000 is an economical shipping scale that's ideal for your shipping and receiving needs, as well as other general weighing applications.


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