As we adjust to the latest Government guidance, we want to reassure you that both our on and off-site services are fully operational. We remain wholly focused on providing you with both routine and emergency weighing support to enable you to maintain quality, compliance, and uptime.

1. Remote support
Where COVID-19 restrictions prevent site visits, our team of specialist engineers can provide phone and email support to diagnose any weighing issues. Alternatively, we can arrange for your equipment to be inspected and repaired at our Service Centre where appropriate.

2. On-site support
To minimise risk and disruption, we continue to take extra steps to ensure on-site calibrations, servicing and repairs are provided safely and in a timely manner:

Steps prior to a visit:

  • Understand COVID-19 measures
    To satisfy your requirements, we’ll take time to understand on-site safety measures and will advise on any necessary adjustments to meet your needs.
  • Lateral flow testing
    If this is a requirement, our teams will complete a lateral flow test ensuring they are COVID-19 negative, before visiting your site.
  • Request service confirmation
    To avoid delays, we’ll ask for confirmation of requested services to comply with travel checkpoints.
  • Confirmation of site visit
    To ensure we have the latest information, we’ll contact you on the day to check that your scheduled visit can go ahead as planned.

Steps during a visit:

  • Maintain social distancing
    To ensure the safety of everyone at all times, engineers will maintain a 2-metre social distance from on-site staff and each other1.
  • PPE usage and hygiene precautions
    As well as complying with your COVID-19 procedures, all engineers will wear suitable PPE and meticulous hand sanitisation will be maintained.
  • Rigorous tool sanitisation
    To reduce the risk of cross-contamination, tools are sanitised before and after use.

If you’d like any further information or help, please contact us.

Thank you for keeping your teams and our engineers safe.

1.Where practical.