Adam Equipment

  • Adam Anti-Vibration Table
    The Adam Anti-vibration table is a specialist weighing accessory that is typically used alongside sensitive laboratory balances such as semi-micro and analytical balances to achieve precise weighing results.
  • Astro Astro
    The Astro compact scales are designed to be durable enough to handle the demands of a variety of food environments such as small cafe kitchens to large restaurant chains, from mid-sized catering companies to internationally known fast-food franchises.
  • Adam CBC Counting Scales
    The Adam CBC is a robust portable counting scale, well-suited for packaging and inventory taking in factories. This scale offers intelligent functions that are practical for any counting application. The CBC scale has an intuitive software that is user-friendly and keeps track of the count, and automatically optimises the unit weight for greater accuracy. The CBC counting scale is designed to be toughwith its stainless steel platform, non-slip feet and load cell protection. Its RS-232 interface allows easy communication with computers and printers.
  • The CPWplus has a rugged construction which stands up to industrial use. Applications such as display hold and weighing.
  • Eclipse Eclipse
    The Eclipse allows for easy cleaning and strong protection with its large, grade 304 stainless steel pan, sealed keypad, and robust metal housing. Applications include Accumulation, Part Counting Checkweighing, Dynamic/animal weighing, Density determination, Percentage weighing, formulation and Weighing. The Eclipse comes with a multilingual display that allows use in many different countries.
    The GBC is an exceptionally durable for your industrial counting needs. Applications for the GBC scale are check counting, parts counting and weighing.
    For simple unit weight and sample entry, the GFK has a full keypad and capably performs check counting to a predefined weight or count. Applications include Check counting, Checkweighing, Dynamic/animal weighing, Weighing, Percentage weighing and Parts counting.
  • The IHS Crane Scale offers a strong, safe solution for weighing suspended, heavy loads in industrial settings e.g. shipping and production operations. An IHS Crane Scale has a rugged construction that features robust metal die-cast housing, plated steel hook and sturdy, oversized shackle.
  • Adam LBK Bench Scales
    Sleek and compact scales well-suited for weighing blood bags in medical facilities and for veterinarians to weigh small animals. Ideal for basic counting and weighing applications, providing a simple operation and a variety of modes. The LBK is easy to use with just five keys which are colour-coded to highlight frequently used functions. Ideal for tight work spaces with its sleek and compact design and is a solid durable construction with its ABS plastic housing. Also equiped with a sealed keypad and large stainless steel pan that removes, making it easy to clean.
  • Adam LHS Crane Mobile Weighing Adam LHS Crane Scale
    The Adam LHS Crane Scale crane scale offers a strong, safe solution for weighing heavy, suspended loads in industrial settings such as shipping and production operations.
  • MTB animal scale MTB animal scale
    The MTB Animal Scale is extremely portable because of its lightweight design and ergonomic cradle to provide comfortable support when transporting.
  • Nimbus Nimbus
    The Nimbus has an innovative design that enables a compact footprint to occupy minimal space but still retains a high level of performance. Applications included Density determination, Dynamic/animal weighing, Parts counting, Weighing and Percentage weighing. The Nimbus comes with a multilingual display that allows use in many different countries.
  • Adam PMB Series Moisture Balances
    Fast and efficient, the Adam PMB moisture analyser provides an alternative to the time-consuming method of oven testing.
  • Designed for commercial and industrial use, the Adam PTS Pallet Truck Scale has steel pallet forks, non-marring wheels and a zero-radius pivoting handle.
  • IP66-rated, meets the demand of clean room and washdown environment in most applications including food, pharmaceutical, veterinary, industrial and manufacturing environments.The Warrior emerges victorious in washdown settings with its strength, performance and intuitive features. Having a data output via a RS-232 interface and optional realy triggers, means the Warrior can be set to control other devices.
  • Adam WBW Washdown Bench Scales
    Ideal for food preparation, food processing plants and agriculture facilities, WBW features IP66-rated wash down housing. Checkweighing is simple with WBW's colour indicators to warn if a sample is under or over preset limits. Power is supplied by AC adapter and rechargeable battery, and auto power-off conserves battery life.    
    The WBZ has a solid ABS housing which makes it durable for industrial use. To be protected against dirt, dust and spills, the WBZ is IP66-rated and has a sealed keypad. Applications: price computing and weighing
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