Giropes GI400i ABS LCD Indicator

Giropes GI400i ABS LCD Indicator

The GI400i is designed for multiple uses in the industry.

Main functions:

  • Repeater function
  • Piece counting
  • Totalisation
  • Checkweigher

Functions with a digital plate (Optional relays plate 4E/4S)

  • Limits
  • Dosage


Giropes GI400i ABS LCD Indicator

The GI400i is a weight tare indicator with a memory up to 6 TLUS (Memory of tare) introduced manually. Tickets can be printed in up to eight different formats and multiple languages.

The GI400i’s repeater function displays up to 16m with output RS232. An optional RS485 up to 1200 m (required in both devices). This indicator also has a piece counting function. This allows the user to count the pieces which have been loaded on the platform according to the unit average weight PMU which have been scheduled previously. This function also allows the counting of the PMU according to the number of pieces which have been loaded. The GI400i’s Totalisation function allows the user to do the addition of the weights accumulated in the memory and shows the total number of weights. The GI400i’s includes the mode checkweigher or pass-not pass. It can automatically manage up to 4 zones using weight limits for each one of them. When selecting the desired weight, the indicator allows the user to choose superior or inferior limits through value or percentage.

Key Features

  • RS485
  • Internal battery
  • 4/20 mA | 0-10 V Analog plate
  • 4E/4S Digital plate
  • ALIBI/DSD memory
  • Communication
Specifications GI400i
RS232 2 included
Ethernet (Optional)

Analogue plate

Digital Place

2 of 3

(Only choosing Ethernet as one of these two optionals; available only for IP65)

Input 12V DC Reference available only in IP54 indicators
Incompatibilities Battery vs Ethernet, Analog plate and Digital plate optionals

Battery vs input 12V DC

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