Access process-critical weighing and non-weighing solutions simply and intuitively via the revamped Northern Balance website

As part of our continued drive to enhance customers’ experience, we’ve launched a newly revamped Northern Balance website dedicated to providing users with a simplified and intuitive platform to access the most popular and process-critical tools.

Daniel Egan-Sheath, Finance and Operations Director explains, ‘By making our products, weighing and non-weighing services, digital certificates and technical advice easier to navigate and access, we aim to help customers optimise compliance, productivity and performance now and into the future’.

Easier access to popular tools

1. Find a weighing product 24/7

From laboratory and industrial weighing instruments to accessories and inspection equipment, customers can browse, get a demo/quote and request to hire hundreds of products around the clock via our Products section. With simple filters to narrow down product type, manufacturer, capacity and readability customers can view and assess suitable equipment within a few easy clicks.

2. Navigate our one-stop services

Ranging from weighing and non-weighing calibrations, checks, tests and repairs to preventative maintenance, our comprehensive portfolio of services can now be accessed via our extended, one-view Services menu to speed up navigation to a required service.

3. Unlimited access to certification

With a top-of-page signpost to Access certificates, customers can login, search, print and download digital certificates from our Asset Management System for weighing and non-weighing calibrations, checks and tests without time limitation or cost. Customers who have previously bookmarked the login page via the Northern Balance website can rest assured their link is unchanged and will continue to direct to the Asset Management System.

4. Expert advice at your fingertips

Got a question or need some guidance? In addition to our contact us options, customers can ask a question about a weighing issue, an order, service or product from any page via Live Chat. On-demand technical advice is also available via our Best Practice resources library to help customers make informed decisions about their weighing processes.

We welcome your feedback

We’d love to hear user experiences to help us further improve the Northern Balance website. Good or bad, please contact us to share any feedback.