The BCW Checkweigher is made of a two-piece laser cut 304 grade buffed stainless steel. This high-quality checkweigher comes with a stainless (Tedea 1130 OIML C3 IP66) or an aluminium (OIML C3 IP66) approved loadcell. The checkweigher’s top plate is made from 304-grade stainless steel and can be removed for easier cleaning.

Baykon BCW Checkweigher


The BCW Checkweigher can be setup with up to 5 weighing ranges. Up to 500 products can also be stored with target weights and tolerances included. Free PC software for setting up IDs and target weights is available. If you require a walkthrough on how to use the checkweigher safely and efficiently, watch this video by the checkweigher’s manufacturer, AWM. If you would like to learn how to set target weights on the BCW, watch this video.



The BCW Checkweigher has an IP67 stainless display with colour changing set-points. These colour set points help the user delegate the right and wrong weight quantities of their products. The BCW Checkweigher has five colour ranges and an on-screen filling bar graph. This clear and intuitive unit also has an alphanumeric keypad for ID and tare entry. When the checkweigher reaches an accept range, an optional audible alarm sounds to indicate the user.


  • 304 Grade stainless steel
  • Choice of stainless steel or aluminium loadcell
  • Removable stainless steel top plate
  • Easy to clean
  • IP67 stainless display
  • 5 colour set points
  • On-screen filling bar graph
  • Alphanumeric keypad
  • Audible alarm (optional)
  • Up to 5 weighing ranges
  • Up to 500 products stored
  • Free PC software
Baykon BCW Checkweigher

For more information about the BCW see the product page. Alternatively, call 0344 477 1966 or email us hello@northernbalance