Legal Verification and Re-Verification of Weighing Equipment

Legal Verification Weighing Equipment

Legal Verification and Re-Verification of weighing equipment can be completed by Northern Balance.

Northern Balance is now ISO9001:2015 certified, and we are authorised to perform Legal Verifications in accordance with Directive 2014/31/EU on NAWI: Module D: Conformity to type based approval.

This is a legal requirement if you are using your weighing equipment for a legal application (eg. if you are making a commercial transaction based on weight, or for medical weighing).  This ensures your weighing equipment is legally compliant and conforms to Module D of the NAWI regulations.

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What is legal verification and why do you need it?

Any business providing a service or goods using weight, e.g. scales used in manufacturing for goods sold based on weight or medical scales used for weighing patients, are required by law to use verified scales to guarantee that measurements are accurate.

Weighing equipment used in trade applications must conform to guidelines established in the Measuring Instruments Directive and Weights & Measures (Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments) Regulations. Equipment is required by UK and EU law to be tested and passed before it can be used for trade.

Legal verification certifies that your trade approved scales and balances are giving correct results and guarantees the accuracy of the measurements.

It is important to have your weighing instruments calibrated on a regular basis, to make sure that they are still fit for purpose and giving accurate readings. We recommend at 6 to 12-month intervals but in some circumstances, they may need calibrating more frequently.

If instruments are found to be weighing outside of the predefined limits, they are adjusted or repaired as necessary and then reverified to show they are legally correct.

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