COVID-19 has placed unprecedented pressure on essential supply chains to deliver more and at greater speed while moving around invisible dangers.  In these challenging times, mitigating potential downtime by getting the right weighing support at the right time is more critical than ever.  We look at how our Service Level Agreements have evolved to provide certainty in weighing support and how they drive productivity.

What is a Service Level Agreement?

Service Level Agreements (SLA) set out a comprehensive package of annual weighing support and expertise provided by Northern Balance.  As well as delivering a bespoke programme of preventative maintenance through servicing and UKAS and/or standard calibrations, our SLAs also include a range of tiered benefits to safeguard against challenges that impact on productivity.

Find and fix solutions

In these demanding times, the increased use of weighing equipment can cause accelerated wear and tear leading to machine malfunction.  Service Level Agreements provide a range of timely, find and fix solutions including:

  • Next-day call outs and emergency out-of-hours support*
    Our engineers will diagnose the fault and endeavour to quickly fix your machine on-site.  Before our visit, we’ll follow any special arrangements you have in place due to COVID-19 and advise on any necessary adjustments to meet your requirements.
  • Off-site repairs
    Where social distancing prevents on-site visits or it is not technically possible to complete the repair on-site, your machine can be inspected and/ or fixed at our Service Centre.  To minimise disruption, your repaired machine will be expedited back to your site.
  • Technical email and phone support
    To keep your operations moving, answers to your most pressing weighing concerns are provided by our team of highly experienced and skilled engineers on hand throughout the day*.

Loan and hire services

When you need the extra weighing capacity to buffer unexpected machine downtime or a surge in demand, our inclusive machine loan and hire services can support your operational productivity via:

  • Complimentary loans
    While your machine is being repaired in our Service Centre, our courtesy loan service provides you with access to a backup machine for up to 28 days*.  To maximise productivity and minimise downtime your loan machine will be matched to your requirements, fully calibrated and delivered directly to your site^
  • Flexible hires
    Machine hire is a flexible and cost-effective solution to cater for short-term needs.  You can choose your hire period, select from hundreds of weighing solutions and request optional user training. Each machine is also calibrated for your needs.  It is then despatched to, and installed at your site.

Cost-effective solutions

Safeguarding finances is understandably front of mind in these uncertain times. We believe that cost should not hinder quality or critical weighing productivity especially in the face of a pandemic.

That’s why we consider your needs as well as your budget when proposing a Service Level Agreement.  We also include a range of discounted services within our contracts to help keep weighing solutions cost-effective and accessible:

    • 50% off machine hire*
    • 20% off labour charges for repairs*
    • 10% off new, replacement equipment*
    • Complimentary equipment inspection*

Serving you better

In these unprecedented times, we’re committed to evolving our services to serve you even better.  With the many challenges faced by essential supply chains, weighing processes shouldn’t add to the burden.  Our Service Level Agreements help to drive productivity and provide year-round certainty in weighing support.  Consequently, freeing up valuable time and resource to focus on fast-tracking your goods and services to those who need them most.

To learn more about how Service Level Agreements can benefit your operations, or to discuss your existing agreement call 0344 477 1966 or email

*Subject to contract tier and subject to availability