Ohaus Explorer Semi-Micro Balances


Ohaus Explorer Semi-Micro Balances

The Ohaus Explorer Semi-Micro Balance range is designed to ensure accurate weighing results with 0.01mg readability and up to 220g capacity. The Explorer is a smart intuitive balance that simplifies even the most complex laboratory measurements using its intelligent features. The Ohaus Explorer Analytical balances use modern features and design elements to offer you a high-performance balance unlike any other on the market.

The Ohaus Explorer provides an extremely modern user experience with its intuitive SmarText™ 2.0 software. Having an icon-based touchscreen display, advanced applications, a USB host port, and a memory library make the user have an easy experience with the balance. The Ohaus Explorer also has touchless sensors, an ionizer, and automatic draft shield doors to ensure the integrity of its results.

Key features

  • Full-color VGA graphic display, 4-wire resistive touch screen
  • Four programmable touchless sensors to perform common functions with a swipe of the hand
  • Anti-static glass draft shield with flip-top door
  • AutoCal™ fully-automatic internal calibration system
  • Built-in ioniser with automatic door models
  • OIML models available
  • Ultra-fast stabilization time (0.1 mg: ≤3 second, 0.01 mg: ≤8 second)

Enhanced performance and value with the latest EX2.20 software update

The EX2.20 software update provides additional functionality aimed at simplifying and helping to achieve compliance in regulated applications and environments.

Enhance data integrity and transparency

  • Record changes to balance settings, calibration adjustments and printed results, user-access data, and GMP/ GLP data fields
  • Log 5000 records, export PDF log, and save to a USB flash drive.

Customise user management

Safeguard quality and conformity

Model Number Capacity Readability Pan Size
EX125D 51g/120g 0.01mg/0.1mg 80mm ø
EX125 120g 0.01mg 80mm ø
EX225D 120g/220g 0.01mg/0.1mg 80mm ø
EX225D/AD 120g/220g 0.01mg/0.1mg 80mm ø
EX225/AD 220g 0.01mg 80mm ø

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