Ohaus Adventurer Precision Balances

Ohaus Adventurer Precision ensures the most important aspects of routine laboratory weighing are covered such as getting quick, accurate results that you can rely on.

Ohaus Adventurer Precision Balance

Ohaus Adventurer Precision is the ideal balance between inventive features, functions and, uncomplicated weighing capabilities. The Ohaus Adventurer links all the applications necessary for routine weighing and measurement activities. It is the complete balance in its class.

Key Features

  • GLP/GMP compliance capabilities
  • Two USB ports
  • Fast stabilisation
  • AutoCal™ option
  • Colour touchscreen
  • Draftshield doors
  • Selectable environmental filters
  • User selectable span calibration points
  • Up to 9 operating languages

Adventurer balances feature a colour touchscreen, icon-based user interface, and an ergonomic design making them easy to configure and use. Features such as specialized weighing modes, multiple connectivity options, and AutoCal™ provide versatility and flexibility for a variety of applications.

Connectivity: A front USB host port is easily accessible and makes it simple to load data from the balance onto a flash drive without having to reach around to the back or move the balance. A second USB device is located at the rear of the balance that can be used to connect the balance to a PC.

The connectivity options help meet traceability requirements in traditional installations Real Time Clock with GLP/GMP Data. A real-time clock function keeps accurate time even during power loss and the GLP data capability has the ability to record Sample names, Project names and Balance ID’s to help meet traceability and compliance requirements

Balance Profiles: The cloning feature allows you to save user and application settings to a USB flash drive which can be easily used to configure additional Adventurer balances

Below Minimum Sample Weight Indication: When using the minimum weight feature, the display clearly indicates that your current sample weight is below your defined minimum limit. Simply increase your sample weight to assure that your results are up to your standards

Optional Accessories

External CalibrationAX223/EAX423/EAX523/EAX422/EAX822/EAX1502/EAX2202/EAX4202/EAX2201/EAX4201/EAX8201/E
Approved ModelsAX223MAX423MAX523MAX1502MAX2202MAX4202MAX5202MAX8201M
Capacity (g)2204205204208201520220042005200220042008200
>Readability d (g)0.0010.010.1
Verification Interval* e (g)0.010.11
Repeatability std (g)±0.001±0.01±0.1g
Linearity (g)±0.002±0.02±0.2g
Stabilization Time (sec)≤2≤1.5≤1.5
Sensitivity Drift (ppm/°C)331.99
Typicial Min-weight (g) (USP, u=0.10%,k=2)2.0g2.0g2.0g20.0g20.0g20.0g20.0g20.0g20.0g200.0 g200.0 g200.0 g
Optimized Min-Weight (g)
(USP, u=0.10%, k=2) SRP≤0.41d**
0.82g0.82g0.82g8.2g8.2g8.2g8.2g8.2g8.2g82 g82 g82 g
Weighing Unitsgram, milligram, mesgal, momme, Newton, ounce, pennyweight, Baht, carat, grain, pound, Tael (Hong Kong), Tael, (Singapore), Tael (Taiwan), tical, tola, troy ounce, custom (1)Baht, carat, grain, gram, kilogram, mesgal, momme, Newton, ounce, pennyweight, pound, Tael (Hong Kong), Tael, (Singapore), Tael (Taiwan), tical, tola, troy ounce, custom (1)
Weighing Units, Approved Modelsmg, g, ctg, kg, ctg, kg, ct
Weighing ApplicationsWeighing, Parts Counting, Percent Weighing, Check Weighing, Dynamic Weighing, Formulation, Density Determination, Totalization, Display HoldWeighing, Parts Counting, Percent Weighing, Check Weighing, Animal Weighing, Formulation, Density Determination, Totalization, Display Hold
Pan SizeØ 130 mm175 × 195 mm175 × 195 mm
CalibrationAll models feature external calibration. Models feature AutoCal™ internal calibration, except for AX…/E models
Tare RangeTo capacity by subtraction
Power RequirementsAC Adapter Input: 100-240 VAC 0.3A 50-60 Hz AC Adapter Output: 12 VDC 0.84A
Display TypeFull-Color Touchscreen WQVGA Graphic LCD
Display Size109 mm / 4.3 in (diagonal)
Base Housing (W×H×D)354 × 340 × 230 mm354 × 100 × 230 mm354 × 100 × 230 mm
CommunicationRS232, USB Device, USB Host
Temperature Range10°C to 30°C / 50°F to 86°F
Humidity RangeMaximum relative humidity 80 % for temperatures up to 30°C  / 86°F
Storage Conditions-10°C / 14°F to 60°C / 140°F at 10% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Shipping Dimensions507 × 387 × 531 mm557 × 392 × 301 mm557 × 392 × 301 mm
Net Weight5.8 kg4.6 kg4.6 kg3.8 kg
Shipping Weight8.5 kg6.5 kg6.5 kg5.7 kg

*Approved models only
**The value for SRP is the standard deviation for n replicate weighings (n ≥ 10)

Additional information


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Pan/Platform Size (mm)



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Readability (Certified)

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Internal Calibration

AutoCal™ – Automatic, Not Applicable


Ohaus Adventurer Balances Datasheet


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