MODI Stainless Mobile Drive-In Scale

MODI Stainless Mobile Drive-In Scale is designed for high-pressure washdown and its loadcells will easily withstand the deep cleaning required to eliminate hygiene and contamination risks.

MODI Stainless Mobile Drive-In Scale

The MODI Stainless Mobile Drive-In Scale is a weighing scale with wheels that enable you to weigh where ever you want. The MODI is ideal for weighing in Pharma, Food Production, Cosmetics or other high hygiene factory conditions. It is highly portable with 4 robust rubber wheels that provide a zero turning radius and a smooth ride throughout any busy factory environment.

Key Features

  • Premium quality manufacturing
  • Weigh where you want – portable weighing scale
  • 4 rubber wheels with zero turning radius
  • Fully stainless steel washdown construction
  • IP69K stainless steel OIML approved loadcells
  • 4 wheels for effortless portability
  • Column with steering handle
  • Easy access for deep cleaning & maintenance
  • Ultra-smooth processed surface for hygiene
  • Supplied with 1 ramp as standard
  • Low Profile – only 45mm High
  • Ramp Length – 300mm
  • 12-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Various standard sizes and capacities

This scale reduces manual handling and enables a factory to be covered by one weighing scale rather than having multiple scales spread throughout the production area. MODI Stainless Mobile Drive-In Scale has a high quality, fully stainless steel construction and IP69K rated loadcells. It complies to GMP and HACCP production standards making it ideal for harsh, wet and sanitary environments where hygienic cleaning is vital. The MODI models available with weighing areas ranging from 850mm to 1500 mm and weighing capacities from 300kg to 1500kg.


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