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Adam Nimbus Analytical Balances


Adam Nimbus Analytical Balances

The Nimbus has an innovative design that enables a compact footprint to occupy minimal space but still retains a high level of performance.  The base of the Nimbus is formed from a single piece of extruded aluminium, a material which provides superior temperature regulations. This single-piece construction of the Nimbus offers the user greater stability, producing highly repeatable results. The Nimbus has a weighing sensor crafted from a single block and contains fewer parts than any traditional force motor balance. The Nimbus optimized internal mechanism is fabricated using hardened materials, helps tolerate rigorous laboratory use. Using the Nimbus’ efficiency in the mechanics, plus improved processing power of the electronics results to an excellent performance.

Key Features

  • Colour coded keys
  • AC adapter included
  • Backlit display
  • Below balance weighing
  • Date and time
  • RS-232
  • GLP/ISO print reports
  • External calibration
  • Security lock down
  • Tare function
  • USB

Model Number Capacity Readability Pan size
NBL 84e 80g 0.0001g 90mm ø
NBL 84i 80g 0.0001g 90mm ø
NBL 124e 120g 0.0001g 90mm ø
NBL 124i 120g 0.0001g 90mm ø
NBL 164e 160g 0.0001g 90mm ø
NBL 164i 160g 0.0001g 90mm ø
NBL 214e 210g 0.0001g 90mm ø
NBL 214i 210g 0.0001g 90mm ø
NBL 254e 250g 0.0001g 90mm ø
NBL 254i 250g 0.0001g 90mm ø

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