What is Verification?

An initial Verification / Legal Verification is performed when a weighing instrument is put into service.  The Verification process tests the weighing capabilities of a weighing instrument.  Test weights of a defined class are required based on the Type Approval class of the weighing equipment.  The robust test methods used to ensure that the individual weighing instrument conforms with the legal requirements and with the Type Approval.

Initial Verification can be performed by a Trading Standards Officer, a Notified Body (National Measurement Office for the UK) or a self-verifier.

When the initial Verification is complete, the machine will be labelled with specific Verification labels (These include the CE mark, the year of the verification and the number of the notified body).

The scale will be marked with the scale division (d), but will also be marked with the verified division (e).  These 2 divisions can be exactly the same, but in many scenarios, the verified division will be 10 times greater than the scale division.  (eg. If d=0.1g then it is possible for e=1g).

Northern Balance can arrange a full initial verification for your equipment and can ensure all legal requirements are met.