Calibration determines both measurement and equipment performance. With routine equipment calibration and adjustment, you can measure safely, ensure compliance and avoid the costs of inaccurate measurements.

The frequent calibration of your weighing equipment ensures that it gives consistent and reliable readings, in line with your quality certification and current legislation. The importance of calibration is not just to check that the instrument’s displayed values are within specification, but also to help you understand the inaccuracy of the displayed values at specific points of measurement. When you’re calibrating an instrument it is best practice to calibrate at points of measurement critical to the instrument’s application.

Northern Balance offers both UKAS and UKAS Traceable calibration, which determine the ongoing performance of your weighing equipment over time.  With routine equipment calibration and adjustment by our engineers when required, you will measure safely, ensure quality compliance and avoid the significant and avoidable costs of taking inaccurate measurements.

Our experienced calibration engineers can help you to determine the calibration procedures and frequency which best suits your weighing requirements in order that you remain compliant.

Northern Balance offers a comprehensive range of service options which are tailored to suit every type of client from national group contracts to sole traders. We aim to give our clients the highest quality of service combined with exceptional value for money.

Our Service Engineers are trained to a very high standard and have a vast amount of product and industry knowledge. We are continuously looking to challenge and improve ourselves and work closely with various Accreditation bodies, equipment manufacturers and independent weighing experts.

The after sales service shouldn’t be taken for granted as it’s a hugely important factor. Effective and timely maintenance/calibration ensures that the quality of our customer’s products or their profit margins are kept intact. At Northern Balance, we believe in the concept of preventive maintenance rather than corrective actions.