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At Northern Balance Ltd we offer a number of services. We advise customers as to the best equipment to suit their needs, and act as a purchasing agent through which to buy goods from the manufacturer. We also service all makes of balances and supporting equipment.

Our company provides service and calibration contracts, which can be as 1, 2, 3 or 4 visits per annum, and we offer a very prompt and efficient call-out service. Wherever possible, problems are rectified on site, or sometimes by phone to save the customer the cost of a call-out. If a balance has to be taken back to our workshop, however, the repair will be quoted for before any work is carried out. Once accepted, the job will be completed quickly and efficiently, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Northern Balance Ltd supplies a number of products to cater for all weighing needs, including:

Balances - we offer a wide range of mechanical, electronic, portable, laboratory, top pan, analytical, mass comparitors and density balances

Scales - we supply IP-rated scales for wet/dusty environments, mechanical, electronic, battery, mains, counting, platform and shop scales

Printers - balances and scales can be connected to printers or computers to record or monitor weight readings and for use in G.L.P., which again can be provided by Northern Balance Ltd

Test weights - we can supply a full range of test weights from whatever class required, e.g. E2, F1, F2, M1, etc

Moisture analyser - a range of moisture analysers can be supplied and calibrated by us

Explosion proof (Ex or ATEX)- we can supply a range of explosion proof balances and scales suitable for use in ATEX environments.

Manufacturer support - Northern Balance Ltd is backed up by the balance manufacturers to repair their equipment and are supplied with genuine spare parts and software updates.