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Sartorius GPC 225-CW

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Make: Sartorius
Series: Pipette
Model: GPC 225-CW
Capacity: 220.0g
Readability: 0.00001g
Pan size: 36mm
Guide price:* 5600.0£5,600.00
  • The balances in the GPC series are ideally suited for gravimetric testing of the volume of any pipette size
  • A choice of sampling containers with capacities of 6 ml and 21 ml, respectively, enables you to test pipettes with a volume of up to 1,000µl, depending on the balance model you use
  • Easy pipetting without an interfering external draft shield chamber
  • Pippette weighing range 0.01mg-195g
  • Evaporation trap helps maintain the liquid volume, minimising errors caused by loss of liquid
  • RS232C bidirectional
  • White LED back lit graphic display
  • Calibration - Internal automatic iso CAL
    • YCP04-HW Pipette Calibration Set
    • YCP04-VTK Validation Tool Kit for PT Pro
    • YCP04-PT Pipette Tracker
    • YCP04-PTPRO Pipette Tracker Pro
    • YCP04-PTPROPLUS Pipette Tracker Pro Plus
    • YCP03-2 PICASO
    • YDS01WZA draft shield
    • YCP04-VTKPLUS Validation Tool Kit for PT Pro+
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