Ohaus Traveler

Ohaus Traveler

The Ohaus Traveler is designed for basic weighing in Educational applications. The easy stackable design makes it the perfect balance that is convenient to store away and locked in place on top of each other.


Ohaus Traveler

The Ohaus Traveler’s unique draft shield is what sets this portable balance apart. The draft shield is designed to allow multiple units to be stored on top of each other. To ensure weighing accuracy, the weigh-thru design protects the load cell from damage from the elements. The Traveler produces accurate and reliable weighing results due to the high-quality load cell power. The centrepiece can be converted into a weigh boat when needed.

Key Features

  • Convenient portable balance
  • Stackable
  • Auto shut off
  • Mechanical and software overload/underload protection
  • User selectable communication and printing settings
  • Weigh-Thru draftshield
  • USB/ RS232 connectivity
  • Battery/ AC power

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