Resolution Dimensioners can help improve efficiency and vastly speed up your factory process. They can also help to increase your profits by up to 40%. Achieve complete control over your shipping costs and revenues with our industry-leading dimensioning solutions. These Resolution Dimensioners are clever devices that can calculate the dimensions of an object. There are different types of dimensioners with many different capabilities

These Dimensioning systems saves you time because it eliminates the need to write your weights and dimensions out by hand. Dimensioning can also help you accurately and systematically measure the dimensions of packages. It enables you to instantly save the data to your chosen ERP or company software packages. Saving as a CSV or Excel files sent via Ethernet, RS232 or WiFi. The latest 3D imagining technology gives you accurate, fast and cost-effective dimensioning. It also gives you the ability to use your collected data however you like.

What can be measured and how face does it calculate?

The Resolution Dimensioners can measure any irregular or cubic shaped item e.g. bags or shrink-wrapped objects. To calculate the dimensions of an object, it only takes 0.05 seconds.

I have my calculated data, now what can I do with it?

The Resolution Dimensioners takes out the need for an expensive interfacing software so you can get your calculated data into your spreadsheets or databases. All the software is included at no cost to you. It is as simple as sending a CSV or Excel file via Ethernet or WiFi using the onboard web server. You also have the option to remote in and download the data using a standard browser e.g. Firefox, Chrome or Edge using a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Will it interface with scanners, scales or printers etc?

These Resolution Dimensioners have a unique, cutting edge API. This is basically a way of integrating it with other devices and software. The webserver is easy to use, making it simple to setup and connect to other devices such as printers, scales or scanners.

Will it give me a total if I measure multiple items at once?

Resolution Dimensioners can measure the dimensional weight of multiple items at once and get the total dimensional weight of all items. This feature saves you having to measure them one by one and can save you a lot of time.

Increase your profit with these dimensioners

Your business should use dimensioners to track your costs and to improve your efficiency. Without them, your organisation has either inaccurate or incomplete information about the dimensional weight of packages that you ship or receive. These high or inaccurate shipping costs add to your overheads which directly reflect your bottom line profits.

These Dimensioners provide you with a systematic and cost-effective way to prevent higher than actual costs caused by incorrect dimensional data. This is the quickest and easiest way to increase your profits overnight.

Optimise business efficiency by speeding up your freight dimensioning and weighing operations

Measuring dimensions of freight with a tape measure is a tedious task. Many people think they can guess the size of an object accurately but this is sadly not the truth. Inaccurate manual measurement due to human errors can lead to unnecessary additional costs and inconsistent processes. Using a tape measure will approximately take around 2 minutes to measure and record the data. This is if they’re rushing and doing it quickly which would make it easy for them to be inaccurate. Using Resolution Dimensioners, you can measure and get results in seconds. This is especially useful if you are shipping over 100 items per day. They will cut out the issue of human error with an accurate precise measurement every time.

Optimise your factory or warehouse with cubing data

To boost efficiency or your warehouse operations and the transportation of goods, you need logistics management and planning software tools. To benefit fully from these technological tools, you have to input accurate dimensioning and weighing data. Inputting incorrect dimensional data causes errors during the planning processes and your freight might not fit into the number of trucks that your efficiency software calculated. Or you could end up with insufficient space in your warehouse if you don’t accurately know the dimensions of your incoming freight. These Dimensioners provide you with accurate data continuously. To make your job easier and more profitable, the calculated data can be automatically shared with other software systems.

What is the Best Type of Dimensioning Solution for you?

This Resolution 1 Camera calculates dimensions, volume, weight, volumetric weight or dimensional weight in a fraction of a second and at a fraction of the cost of other dimensioners on the market. The camera instantly calculates the dimensions of cubic or irregularly shaped objects using the latest 3D image processing technology.

  • Barcode reader
  • Measure irregularly shaped objects, not just cubic shapes
  • Superfast measurement time: 0.05 seconds
  • Detects and rejects undesired objects in the measurement area e.g. parts of the users body

The Resolution 2 parcel dimensioner uses the latest 3D imaging technology to provide a revolutionary low-cost/high-quality dimensioning solution. It calculates the parcel dimensions for cubic or irregular shapes in a fraction of a second. Resolution 2 is designed for ease of installation and zero maintenance. It is a plug and play and can be installed in any location using the supplied free-standing column mount and brackets.

  • No separate PC required
  • Super fast measuring time (0.05 seconds)
  • Easy integration with 3rd party software using Web Service API
  • Integrate with almost any scale, barcode printer, barcode scanner or OCR

The Resolution 3 is designed for complete portability and efficiency so it can weigh and dimension parcels up to 80cm cubed in 0.05 seconds. The image capture and dimensioning can be triggered at the press of a button by scanning a barcode. Resolution 3 incorporates a VWSPS Stainless Steel Single Point Weighing Platform mounted on a robust stainless steel frame for high accuracy OIML Class III approved weighing performance which seamlessly integrates into easy-to-use software.

  • Low-cost technology
  • RGB photos
  • OIML Approved Weighing Scale
  • Easy integration with 3rd party software using Web Service API

Resolution 4 has a fast and accurate pallet dimensioning for couriers, freight, logistics, warehousing and goods in/out. Resolution 4 is designed for ease of installation and zero maintenance. It is a plug and play and can be installed in any location using the supplied wall brackets or with an optional free-standing column. The Resolution system uses the powerful Resolution One Dimensioning Camera. This camera can operate stand-alone or can seamlessly connect to a weighing scale for weight and dimensions.

  • Image capture
  • Scale integration
  • Measurement of cubic or irregular shaped freight/objects
  • Low-cost technology

Resolution 5 performs inline dynamic dimensioning and checkweighing. It uses the latest 3D Imaging Technology to provide high accuracy, low cost dynamic dimensioning and checkweighing for up to 2000 items per hour. This revolutionary new dimensioning system calculates dimensions to an accuracy of 0.5cm for cubic or irregular objects. The ultimate parcel processing solution for warehouses, goods in and dispatch locations and courier and logistics depots

  • Customisable interface and data transfer via Ethernet or RS232 in Excel file format
  • Optional cloud service for storing measurement and image data
  • Integrates barcode scanner, Lights, Buzzers and conveyor control
  • No separate PC required

The Resolution 6 is a compact, superfast dimensioning and weighing solution for mobile or desktop workstations. It is designed for weighing small cubic or irregularly shaped packages from 2 cm cubed, up to 50 cm cubed. The Resolution 6 uses the next-generation overhead camera for the latest 3D imaging technology to measure length, width, height and volume. Resolution 6 is ideal for couriers or post offices to dimension and weigh small parcels. It has an optional battery which makes it great for stock takes, inventory check and goods in/out.

  • Optional Battery for portable operations
  • Integrate with almost any scale, barcode printer, barcode scanner or OCR
  • Easy integration with 3rd party software using Web Service API
  • OIML Approved Weighing Scale