Ohaus Pioneer® Plus Precision PA2202CM/2 OIML

Ohaus Pioneer® Plus Precision PA2202CM/2 OIML

The Ohaus PA2202CM/2 Pioneer Plus is designed for simple and intelligent operations. For additional information or guidance, the PA2202CM/2 features a second line display. This balance offers convenient grounding through its static removal bar. The PA2202CM/2 is also easy to connect through a USB and RS232.


Ohaus Pioneer® Plus Precision PA2202CM/2

The Ohaus PA2202CM/2 Pioneer Plus Precision balance is designed for reliable routine weighing at an affordable price. The Pioneer is equipped to handle a range of laboratory, industrial and education applications. Using a backlit LCD, new application modes and built-in environmental settings make it a compact yet durable balance to fit into any work setting. Three filter modes and adjustable zero tracking help to adjust the balance’s sensitivity to environmental disturbances, vibrations and slow filling applications, ensuring the accuracy of measurements.

Key Features

  • Easy clean removable glass panels
  • Three filter modes
  • Adjustable zero tracking
  • Slow filling applications
  • Adjustable vibration settings


Metal base, ABS housing, stainless steel pan, glass draftshield with sliding top door, weigh below hook, security bracket, in-use cover


7 segment LCD with backlit


Ohaus Pioneer Analytical and Precision Brochure


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