Ohaus Navigator® NV NV3100M EC Type Approved

The Navigator NV provides fast weighing results in less than one second. The results are accurate whilst improving operator efficiency, throughput and productivity.


Ohaus Navigator® NV NV3100M

The Ohaus Navigator NV3100M offers the best combination of versatility, features and performance that fit in a wide range of industrial, food and laboratory weighing applications.

The Navigator can be operated with the two touchless sensors, allowing the user to have their hands free for handling samples. The sensors also limit keypad wear and tear as well as cross-contamination. Overload protection system safeguards to hold up to 4 times its rated capacity.

The Navigator NV features a polished stainless steel, corrosion-free plastic housing, hygienic design and spill-resistant pan making it easy to clean. An optional full-body in-use cover wrap can be placed over and arround the housing and keypad to guard against dust, contaimination and spills.

Key Features

  • Hands-free operation
  • Large LCD display
  • Maximum capacities up to 5kg
  • Superior overload protection
  • Ultra-fast response time


ABS housing, stainless steel pan, transportation lock, security bracket, calibration lock switch, two touchless sensors, up-front level indicator


LCD with backlight


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