Ohaus Catapult® 5000 C51XE30R Bench Scale

Ohaus Catapult® 5000 C51XE30R Bench Scale

The Ohaus Catapult 5000 C51XE30R is an economical shipping scale that is ideal for your shipping and receiving needs, as well as other general weighing applications.


Ohaus Catapult® 5000 C51XE30R Bench Scale

The Catapult 5000 C51XE30R is a sturdy stainless steel platform that can withstand heavy loads, an optional rechargeable battery and easy-to-read LED screen make it a great scale. Ideal for small businesses, warehouses, mailrooms and even industrial environments. The C51XE30R is a built-to-last with a large stainless steel platform. This unit is also ideal for weighing heavy loads and packages of varying sizes. The Catapult 5000 is equipped with a LED display, and its brightness can be adjusted to show results clearly – even in less than optimal lighting conditions. The user experience is enhanced with a RS232 interface which enables easy data transfer, and a rechargeable battery which guarantees hours of uninterrupted operation and portability (both optional).

Key Features.

  • RS232 interface
  • LED display (adjustable brightness)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Stainless steel pan
  • ABS housing
  • Mounting bracket
  • Low-profile design
  • Auto shut-off
  • Auto zero-tracking
  • User-selectable span calibration points
  • Hardware configuration lockout switch


ABS housing, stainless steel platform, mounting bracket, painted steel frame




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