Marsden M-653 Wheelchair Scale

The M-653 wheelchair scale for weighing patients who are unable to stand. The large weighing platform can accommodate almost any wheelchair. The single handrail provides support for those who wish to stand. When the scale is not in use or for storage, the handrail folds in. The M-653 means a patient can remain in their own wheelchair, where they feel comfortable. It makes weighing a patient in their wheelchair easy. The M-653 has a large base platform and a capacity to 300kg. This scale is ideal for weighing wheelchair patients in hospitals and care home environments. The M-653, in particular, is ideal for Renal Units, Outpatients areas and where regular weight readings are required for disabled patients. Thanks to the Tare function, you can remove the weight of the wheelchair so the patient’s weight is displayed on the indicator. You can enter the patient’s height using the full numeric keypad so the scale will calculate BMI.

Key Features

  • Capacity: 300 kg
  • Readability: 100g
  • Class III and MDD Approved
  • Handrail for support
  • Easy storage
  • BMI
  • Hold
  • Tare
  • Mains rechargeable
  • Optional micro USB
  • Optional wifi/Bluetooth data transfer
  • Optional printer
  • 4-year warranty

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