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Dini Argeo FL Weighing Platforms


Dini Argeo FL Weighing Platforms

Dini Argeo FL Weighing Platforms are monobloc electronic platforms suitable for weighing above ground in all types of industrial and commercial applications. Connectable to any weight indicator. The standard version is provided with approved load cells.

Key Features

  • Four shear-beam 350Ohm nickel-plated steel load cells
  • Approved to OIML R60 C3 standards (3000 divisions)
  • IP67 Rated
  • Monobloc structure with oven-fire painted steel tubular, adjustable resting feet, and level
  • Fixed sheet steel chequered load surface
  • Up to 15 Vdc power supply
  • Shielded 3m connection cable for connection to the indicator
  • Platform calibration service with weight indicator and CE-M approval available upon request

Model Number Capacity Readability Platform Size
 FLA600  600kg  200g  1000x1000x120mm
 FLA1500  600kg/1500kg  200g/500g  1000x1000x120mm
 FLM600  600kg  200g  1000x1000x120mm
 FLM1500  600kg/1500kg  200g/500g  1000x1000x120mm
FLB600  600kg  200g  1250x1250x120mm
 FLB1500  600kg/1500kg  200g/500g  1250x1250x120mm
 FLD1500  1500kg  500g  1250x1250x120mm
 FLD3000  1500kg/3000kg  500g/1000g  1250x1250x120mm
FLE1500  1500kg  500g  1500x1500x120mm
 FLE3000  1500kg/3000kg  500g/1000g  1500x1500x120mm

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