Baxtran TOPGi V2 261061 Bench Scales

Baxtran TOPGi V2 261061 Bench Scales

The TOPGi v2 261061 portable bench scale functions include:

  • Weight accumulation: automatic/manual
  • Function Division 1/10 verification. Display for a few seconds
  • Totalization on screen
  • Checkweighing with LCD signal, setting target weight
  • Manual tare and pretare
  • Back to zero.
  • Piece counting function
  • Gross/Net


Baxtran TOPGi V2 261061 Bench Scales

The TOPGi V2 calculation of the average unit weight calculates the unit of weight of the pieces through the piece counting program. To calculate the average unit weight, the user must place a number of known pieces on the platform and press the key ‘Print’. The TOPGi V2 also has a piece counting that is used to do the calculation of the pieces loaded on the platform. It does this by taking the programmed average weight. The checkweighing function activates the mode ‘checkweigher’ or the mode goes-not-goes. This unit is ready to manage automatically up to 4 zones through limits of weight for each one of them. 

Key Features

    • Bench platform + stainless steel column + GI400 LCD BAT LI ION indicator
    • Valid for legal metrology
    • Load cell with rehearse approval OIML R-60 C3
    • Tubular structure in stainless steel, pan in stainless steel and aluminium load cell with rubber protection IP68
    • Adjustable feet in height
    • GI400i LCD BAT LI ION indicator
    • IP65 protection
    • Wall support
    • Power supply with adaptor AC/DC 100-240Vac 50-60 Hz.
    • Internal lithium battery with intensive use of 8 continuous hours
    • 2 output RS232 are included
    • Unique range, multi-range or multi-interval
    • Units: kg
    • Approval 6.000 divisions OIML class III and IV
    • EC approval


Stainless steel




TOPGi V3 Datasheet


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