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Medical Scales

  • Versatile and portable, the MTB offers excellent value for pediatricians and other healthcare providers. With a capacity of 20kg, this scale boasts the ability to weigh both newborn infants and toddlers on the same instrument.
  • Seca 959 Chair Scales allow bedridden patients or people with an impaired sense of balance to be weighed as gently as possible. Chair scales can be positioned directly next to the patient, saving the patient – and the caregiver – unnecessary effort.
  • The multifunctional and wheelchair scales by seca are easy to use whether the patient is sitting in a wheelchair or standing. Four load cells ensure that a patient can be measured regardless of position. Hospitals, surgeries, rehabilitation centres as well as geriatrics and nursing homes must be prepared for all these handicaps. And they are – with the wheelchair scale seca 677
  • Seca 899 Flat Scales display can be set up separately from the base and read from its position on the wall or desk suitable for weighing school children and other healthcare applications.
  • Seca measuring stations and column scales allow fast height and weight measurement in a single step. Their high precision scales have many features designed to simplify everyday medical work.
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