Enhanced efficiency delivered by CaliPro

With technology continuing to drive time savings and improve communication, we’re committed to enhancing CaliPro, your online certification service.  This will help you achieve on-demand and real-time access to the most critical weighing information.

Coming soon in 2020…

On-demand, audit-ready certifications

Audit time is always demanding and can be a source of stress when paperwork can’t be located or is out of date.  With CaliPro’s refreshed, self-serve portal, any previous burden associated with misplaced or expired weighing certificates will become a thing of the past.

CaliPro will act as a single-access point for all your certificates, which can include calibration, minimum weight to weight comparison certification.  CaliPro’s search functionality will enable certificates to be quickly located and downloaded.  This will give you peace of mind that paperwork is available with just a few simple clicks.

Automated reminders for service continuity

Adhering to quality-management procedures can be challenging when it involves keeping on top of numerous dates for regular and crucial supplier services.  When your weighing equipment is critical to your operations, a break in previously scheduled service and calibrations can halt processes and affect compliance.

To safeguard your weighing processes, automated reminders will be sent via email to help you with service continuity.  For added convenience, full contract details will also be accessible 24/7 through CaliPro.  To facilitate reminders being sent, up-to-date contact information will be requested from account holders in due course.

Live and traceable digital signatures

For maximum transparency, live, digital signatures will be recorded and accessible in CaliPro after completed works.  This will help to provide full traceability of the sign-off contact should the information be required to support external audits and internal quality-management processes.

Business insight at your fingertips*

Accessible and easy-to-understand business insight is an invaluable tool for planning and continuity.  With simplicity in mind, condition reports for all your weighing equipment will be available live, and in a collective view after each calibration.

Fully exportable, this user-friendly, reporting feature will allow you to quickly identify which machines are in disrepair or nearing the end of life.   With this insight to hand, planning for business continuity and new capital expenditure will become easier and significantly less time consuming.

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To find out more about CaliPro and how the new features will benefit you, email us at marketing@northernbalance or call 0344 477 1966.

*Available on Diamond and Platinum Level Service Contracts