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Technical Info

Nawi Directive
The purpose of this section is to introduce you to the Nawi Directive. For complete and updated information and guidance on legislation relating to non automatic weighing please visit the National Measurement Office Web Site : www.nmo.bis.gov.uk

A non automatic weighing device has been defined as "one where an operator is involved in some part of the weighing process."

Non Automatic Weighing Directive
The Non Automatic Weighing Directive has determined that in some applications the above equipment must meet a minimum standard, that is CE Verified. Such equipment is indicated by a sticker on the equipment -black 'M' on a green background. This should not be confused with the electrical safety CE mark that appears on electrical equipment in general.

Download a guide here to help you determine whether your weighing application falls within the scope of the weighing directive. Please note documents from the National Measurement Office do get updated – please refer to their website at www.nmo.bis.gov.uk to see if there are any later versions available.

Purchasing Verified / CE Marked Equipment
If you have determined that your weighing application does fall within the scope of the directive it is important that you tell your supplier of this requirement. Since weighing equipment purchased usually comes with an option to upgrade to a instrument that complies with the directive. If you aren't sure please call and we will be able to assist.

Please be advised that once purchased, it is NOT possible to retrospectively upgrade a standard instrument to one that complies with the weighing directive.