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  • SK-WP Series SK-WP Series
    The SK-WP Series is the perfect choice for any application if washing after use is necessary.
  • A&D BM20 Micro Balance Range
    Innovative and accurate, the A&D BM-20 range of micro balances are designed for precision weighing, with internal ioniser for neutralising electrostatically charged objects.
  • EM Series EM Series
    The EM Series is quick, accurate and easy to use, and portable to take it anywhere, anytime. If you require an affordable, solid, durable scale with enough functions to ensure suitable weighing, this is for you.
  • A&D FC-i Series of high-resolution counting scales offer simple and easy operation. A&D’s Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement combines the two most critical performance requirements of counting scales: count accuracy and operational efficiency to correct errors caused by variation in unit weights.
  • The A&D FS-i Series of Checkweighing Scales feature large, bright comparator lights, stainless steel construction, and three user-selectable resolution levels. These durable scales are ideal for food processing and checkweighing applications.
  • A&D FZ-i-WP Precision Balance Range are ideal for rugged areas generally considered too harsh for a precision top pan balance.
  • A&D GH/HR-i Micro Balance Range offer extra large weighing chambers with anti-static coated glass
  • A&D GP High Capacity
    A&D GP High Capacity Precision Balance Range feature IP65 level protection suitable for use in hostile environments.
  • A&D GR Analytical Balances
    A&D GR Analytical Balances are a high-performance range with automatic self-calibration and ergonomic design.
  • The A&D HC-i counting scale has a high performance and a simple operation with a detachable display unit for diverse counting applications. For fast and accurate counting scale that is fantastic value and easy to operate for any user.
  • A&D HR-AZ Analytical Balance Range are compact analytical balances deliver superior performance to all users.
  • A&D M-Series
    A&D M-Series Moisture Balances feature a straight halogen lamp and uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) filter give shorter measurement time.
  • SC/ SE Series SC/ SE Series
    The SC/EC is a premium resistance to hostile environments. The SC/EC are equipped with a completely sealed indicator, achieving a submersible level of water tightness, whilst providing high accessibility and excellent weighing performance. Weighing modes include parts counting
  • SJ-HS Series SJ-HS Series
    The SJ-HS Series is easy to clean with its durable molded plastic construction and large removable stainless steel pan. The 800-hour battery life (4 D-cell batteries) minimizes the need to use the optional AC adapter in many applications.
  • A&D SW Series Modular Scales A&D SW Series Modular Scales
    SW Super Washdown Bench Scales are designed to withstand high pressure, high-temperature cleaning. It is ideal for food processing applications and extremely damp locations where cleanliness and sanitation are critical. Weighing modes include parts counting and comparator function for checkweighing applications. Weighs in lb, kg, oz, g, lb-oz with easily switchable units.
  • FG Series FG Series
    The FG Series are available with OIML-EC approval and all models feature a IP65 dust and water protected loadcell. The FG scale gives you an option to use it as a bench top model or floor standing.
  • GX-K / GF-K Series GX-K / GF-K Series
    The GX-K / GF-K Series SHS technology combines the best of magnetic force restoration and single point parallelogram load sensing technologies. To offer the use minimum maintenance costs, if the SHS needs repair, you only need to replace one of three parts so there is no need to replace the whole sensor.
  • HL-WP Series HL-WP Series
    The HL-WP Series is a fully stainless steel top loading balance suitable for harsh environments and ideally suited for food preparation. The HL-WP Series capacities range from 300g to 3000g with increments 0.1g, 0.5g and 1g.
  • Adam Anti-Vibration Table
    The Adam Anti-vibration table is a specialist weighing accessory that is typically used alongside sensitive laboratory balances such as semi-micro and analytical balances to achieve precise weighing results.
  • Astro Astro
    The Astro compact scales are designed to be durable enough to handle the demands of a variety of food environments such as small cafe kitchens to large restaurant chains, from mid-sized catering companies to internationally known fast-food franchises.
  • Adam CBC Counting Scales
    The Adam CBC is a robust portable counting scale, well-suited for packaging and inventory taking in factories. This scale offers intelligent functions that are practical for any counting application. The CBC scale has an intuitive software that is user-friendly and keeps track of the count, and automatically optimises the unit weight for greater accuracy. The CBC counting scale is designed to be toughwith its stainless steel platform, non-slip feet and load cell protection. Its RS-232 interface allows easy communication with computers and printers.
  • The CPWplus has a rugged construction which stands up to industrial use. Applications such as display hold and weighing.
  • Eclipse Eclipse
    The Eclipse allows for easy cleaning and strong protection with its large, grade 304 stainless steel pan, sealed keypad, and robust metal housing. Applications include Accumulation, Part Counting Checkweighing, Dynamic/animal weighing, Density determination, Percentage weighing, formulation and Weighing. The Eclipse comes with a multilingual display that allows use in many different countries.
    The GBC is an exceptionally durable for your industrial counting needs. Applications for the GBC scale are check counting, parts counting and weighing.
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