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Ohaus MB90

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Make: Ohaus
Series: Moisture Balance
Model: MB90
Capacity: 90.0g
Readability: 0.001g
Pan size: 90mm
Guide price:* 1750.0£1,750.00
  • Measuring moisture content has never been easier than with the MB90 Moisture Analyzer.  
  • Geared to increase precision and efficiency in the lab, these Moisture Analyzers feature a preciselycontrolled halogen heating system which helps to yield fast and repeatable results with readability up to 0.01%.
  • The robust housing and die-cast structure is designed for easy, tool-free cleaning and durability. An intuitive touchscreen icon-driven menu guides users through every step of the operation process.
  • Define your Drying Parameters and Store Up to 100 Methods for Easy Recall.MB90’s Temperature Guide helps to analyze a sample and determine the optimal drying temperature. You can store up to 100 methods and 1000 total results, for statistical analysis of measurements. Three levels of user management are available to meet individual user requirements and ensure data safety.
  • Increase Efficiency in your Lab with Fast Heating HalogenTechnology.  A precisely controlled halogen heating system distributes heat uniformly over the sample, ensuring fast and repeatable results.
  • Effortless Cleaning with the Tool-Free Cleaning Structure.  Designed with convenient maintenance in mind, no tools are required for cleaning these moisture analyzers. Simply remove the glass and tray to clean the sample chamber. The robust housing and die-cast base guarantee durability.
  • Operate Intuitively Using Icon-Based Navigation on the Color Touchscreen Display.You can access all of the MB90's features and parameters on the easy-toread color touchscreen display. The intuitive icon-based navigation guides users through every step of the operation process.
  • ABS top housing, stainless steel pan support, stainless steel pan handler, in-use cover, 3 shut-off criteria (manual, timed or auto), 2 heating profiles (standard and fast), storage up to 2 methods and user guide, 40–200 °C heating temperature range (1 °C increments), 13 operational languages (display only, no key in)
    • Pan Holder
    • In-Use-Cover, Accessory
    • Scoop, Accessory
    • Temperature Calibration Kit
    • Anti-Theft Device, MB Series
    • Pan, Aluminum, Set(80), MB Series
    • Filter, Glass Fiber, Set(200)
    • Cage, Sample, MB Series
    • Pan, Reusable, Set(3), 7mm, MB Series
    • Pan, Reusable, Set(3), 14mm, MB Series
    • Printer, Impact, SF40A
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