Ultra-Micro and Micro Balances

Used for measuring weight in sub-milligram range, ultra micro and micro balances are suitable for use in laboratories, production environments, pharmacies and classrooms. Northern Balance supply a range of electronic analytical balances from manufacturers such as Sartorius, Ohaus and A&D.

  • A&D BM20 Micro Balance Range
    Innovative and accurate, the A&D BM-20 range of micro balances are designed for precision weighing, with internal ioniser for neutralising electrostatically charged objects.
  • Sartorius Cubis Ultra Micro and Micro Balance Range
    The Sartorius Cubis modular system consists of display and control units, weighing modules, draft shields, interface modules and an extensive range of accessories, enabling the balance to be customised and adapted to any weighing tasks.
  • The Sartorius Secura range provides highly accurate weighing results and operating convenience. Secura balances also feature built-in protection systems for complete reliability and regulatory compliance.
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