Inspection Equipment

Metal detectors and X-ray inspection systems are used in production and packaging lines for detecting products that contain metal or other foreign bodies and remove these reliably from the line. Their use supports compliance with industry standards such as HACCP, IFS and BRC, protects brand reputation and avoids costly product recalls.

  • The X-ray inspection system Dylight guarantees extremely high levels of safety for your packaged food. This true ‘Plug and Play’ solution combines all functions in one compact unit.
  • The innovative freefall metal detection system Vistus, in combination with the standard separator ST 2.0, provides reliable, dust-proof detection of metal foreign bodies in the product stream.
  • Minebea Intec Cosynus is a combined metal detector and checkweigher and includes the electronics of a metal detector with Minebea's well-known checkweighing technology.
  • The Minebea Intec Dymond Bulk X-Ray X-Ray Detection features outstanding detection performance for raw materials such as vegetables, nuts, dried fruits or cereals. Dymond Bulk guarantees precise X-ray inspection of bulk materials in the food industry. Foreign bodies such as stones or metal are consistently detected and removed from the material flow to protect both products and machines.
  • The Mineabea Intec Dymond-S sets a new benchmark in the field of X-ray inspection technology. Specifically designed for the food industry, the unit provides unrivalled accuracy and reliability. Both functionally and aesthetically, the Dymond line has been completely revised.
  • Minebea-Intec Secus provides highly efficient and effective protection for your machines. It prevents metallic foreign bodies from entering your production process and therefore keeps downtimes for repairs to a minimum.
  • Minebea Intec Vistus metal detectors are capable of detecting both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and are specifically designed for the food industry. They can be supplied mounted on a belt or chain conveyor, allowing an easy and fast integration into your processing or packaging line.
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