Counting Balances

By counting large volumes of identical parts, units or items precisely and efficiently, counting balances can save you time and money by eliminating laborious hand counting. Northern Balance supply a range of electronic counting balances from manufacturers such as Ohaus, Adam Equipment and A&D.

  • A&D FC-i Series of high-resolution counting scales offer simple and easy operation. A&D’s Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement combines the two most critical performance requirements of counting scales: count accuracy and operational efficiency to correct errors caused by variation in unit weights.
  • The A&D HC-i counting scale has a high performance and a simple operation with a detachable display unit for diverse counting applications. For fast and accurate counting scale that is fantastic value and easy to operate for any user.
  • The Adam CBC is a robust portable counting scale, well-suited for packaging and inventory taking in factories. This scale offers intelligent functions that are practical for any counting application. The CBC scale has an intuitive software that is user-friendly and keeps track of the count and automatically optimises the unit weight for greater accuracy. The CBC counting scale is designed to be tough with its stainless steel platform, non-slip feet and load cell protection. Its RS-232 interface allows easy communication with computers and printers.
  • The Ohaus Ranger 300 is a multipurpose counting scale that has capabilities to produce precise results rapidly for a variety of applications e.g. weighing, accumulation of all items, check counting/weighing, and parts counting with auto optimization. The Ranger has a rapid stabilization that allows you to view your results in less than 1 second. With 1 part in 1.5 million precision meaning you will see your efficiencu, throughput and productivity soar!
  • Ohaus Ranger 4000 Counting Scales have a rechargeable lead acid battery equipped to provide power for more than 210 hours.
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