Analytical Balances

  • A&D GR Analytical Balances
    A&D GR Analytical Balances are a high-performance range with automatic self-calibration and ergonomic design.
  • A&D HR-AZ Analytical Balance Range are compact analytical balances deliver superior performance to all users.
  • Eclipse Eclipse
    The Eclipse allows for easy cleaning and strong protection with its large, grade 304 stainless steel pan, sealed keypad, and robust metal housing. Applications include Accumulation, Part Counting Checkweighing, Dynamic/animal weighing, Density determination, Percentage weighing, formulation and Weighing. The Eclipse comes with a multilingual display that allows use in many different countries.
  • Nimbus Nimbus
    The Nimbus has an innovative design that enables a compact footprint to occupy minimal space but still retains a high level of performance. Applications included Density determination, Dynamic/animal weighing, Parts counting, Weighing and Percentage weighing. The Nimbus comes with a multilingual display that allows use in many different countries.
  • The Ohaus Adventurer range incorporates all of the applications necessary for routine weighing and measurement activities.
  • Explorer Analytical Explorer Analytical
    The Ohaus Explorer Analytical balances use modern features and design elements to offer you a high-performance balance unlike any other on the market. The Explorer is a smart intuitive balance that simplifies even the most complex laboratory measurements using its intelligent features.
  • Ohaus Pioneer Plus Ohaus Pioneer Plus
    Designed for reliable routine weighing, Ohaus Pioneer Plus Analytical Balances are equipped to handle a variety of laboratory and industrial applications.
  • Pioneer Pioneer
    The Ohaus Pioneer Plus Precision balances are designed for reliable routine weighing at an affordable price. The Pioneer is equipped to handle a range of laboratory, industrial and education applications. Application modes including weighing, parts counting, percent weighing, density determination and dynamic weighing. Available as both external and internal calibration models.
  • Sartorius Quintix Analytical
    Sartorius Quintix Analytical Balance Range are intuitive touch-screen operations, precise weighing technology and ergonomic style are designed to improve workflow.
  • The Shinko Denshi Vibra AJ Precision Balance Range are space-saving, portable precision balances designed for small spaces.
  • The Shinko Denshi Vibra LF Analytical Balances are reliable, accurate balances for everyday laboratory weighing applications.
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